mobile patrols

Mobile Patrol Checks

APG mobile patrols are a cost-effective way of protecting your premises from theft, damage and vandalism. APG patrols provide a highly visible deterrent to would-be offenders by performing external and internal checks of your property. Patrol officers check for signs of intrusion, fire and any issues that may present a safety or security risk. APG patrols rectify these problems wherever possible and can call on other resources – depending on your listed instructions – when required. Security checks conducted by APG mobile patrols are verified with the use of electronic and GPS tracking. This means that our customers can rest assured that APG remains, at all times, accountable and responsible to them.

Alarm Response

APG mobile patrols can respond to alarm activations and other emergencies at your premises regardless of whether or not you have an APG alarm system. Experienced supervisors who are familiar with both Adelaide and regional South Australia allocate alarm responses to individual patrols based on their geographic proximity to your premises, ensuring the fastest possible response. Due to the size of our patrol fleet, we can promptly dispatch back-up patrols when required. In the case of a serious emergency such as the discovery of intruders on site or fire, APG patrols will notify the relevant emergency service and facilitate the fastest response possible.


Do you have to issue countless keys to staff, contractors or tenants? This can be avoided by having an APG patrol conduct lock-ups and unlocks at your site. Our patrols can also meet with staff and assist them with a lock-up or unlock. This provides a visible deterrent during what is one of a business’s most vulnerable times – the beginning and end of each day when there are fewer people around to deter crime.

Staff Escorts

Do you have staff members that are vulnerable when they open up or close premises at night? If so, protect your people – your greatest asset – by having an APG security patrol accompany them. APG mobile patrols can escort staff to their cars and protect your staff during these vulnerable times.

Staff Welfare Checks

Are you concerned about your staff members that work on their own or in other isolated circumstances? APG mobile patrols can conduct welfare checks either over the phone or in person to ensure that your staff are safe and performing their duties as directed.

Plant & Machinery Checks

Do you have plant or machinery that runs while unattended at night? APG mobile patrols can check on such machinery by reading temperature gauges, water levels, etc. and report back to you if there are any problems.