Uniformed Guards

APG uniformed guards carry out on site guarding of premises and can provide a range of onsite services. These include access control, gate duties, foot patrols, staff welfare checks, fire watch and contractor/visitor supervision. APG guards are trained to be versatile and customize their duties to make them the greatest possible value to their clients.

Plain Clothed Guards

Looking for a discreet security officer? If you are, then a plain clothed APG guard may be what you need. Plain clothed guards provide security and protection, but remain less conspicuous than a uniformed guard.

Armed Guards

APG armed guards are available where the need exists to secure or transport cash or valuables.


Concerned about unusual occurrences or suspected future events at your premises? Then an APG surveillance operator can covertly watch your site and record any suspicious activity. An APG surveillance operator is able to call APG mobile patrols and police in the event that they observe offenders at your site.