Alarms & CCTV

Alarm Installation

APG designs and installs alarm systems for all applications, whether you are a private enterprise or a government agency. We also design and install alarm systems for residential properties, from small systems for units or apartments to highly sophisticated systems for larger, multi-story homes.

Alarm Monitoring

APG alarms are all monitored in our preferred Grade A1 Monitoring Centre located locally in Adelaide. While many of our competitors use monitoring centres interstate, we insist on having all alarms monitored locally so that we can ensure monitoring centre staff are familiar with your premises and your area. This ensures a rapid and appropriate response to each alarm event.

Alarm Servicing & Repairs

Whether or not your alarm system was originally installed by APG, our technicians can repair, service or upgrade your system as you require. Regular servicing of your system can also be scheduled if required (as is often the case in wet, dusty and other adverse environments).

Alarm Response

APG mobile patrols can respond to alarm activations and other emergencies at your premises regardless of whether or not you have an APG alarm system. Experienced supervisors who are familiar with both Adelaide and regional South Australia allocate alarm responses to individual patrols based on their geographic proximity to your premises, ensuring the fastest possible response. Due to the size of our patrol fleet, we can promptly dispatch back-up patrols when required. In the case of a serious emergency such as the discovery of intruders on site or fire, APG patrols will notify the relevant emergency service and facilitate the fastest response possible.


APG can design, install & service a wide range of Closed-Circuit Television camera systems. We use the highest quality cameras, DVRs (Digital Video Recorders), systems & software. Whether you need a simple CCTV system or a sophisticated system with the latest technology, we are able to help you.